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2014 is history and 2015 is a blank page. I thought it's a good time to wrap 2014 up in terms of baking-related highlights, and set some goals for 2015. So here they are:
My baking-related highlights in 2014:
  • I ran 12 Running Baker rounds and gained new customers. That's one round per month!
  • I baked at Surdegskungen for 3 days and learnt a new way to shape loaves, how to push your dough to the hydration limit, and most of all whole load of inspiration and motivation to move forward with my dreams!
  • I wrote an article about how I became the Running Baker for BREAD Magazine (published in the winter issue 2014). Start a subscription now - it is a great magazine for bread lovers!
  • I baked for the first time in a wood-fired stone oven, in a beautiful place up north in Sweden.
  • I gained about 200 followers on my bread-focused Instagram account. Thanks to all of you!
  • I started working on a new logo for my baking business and am now using printed cards for the packaging of the breads - one step closer to a real business!

What I want to achieve in 2015:
  • Scale up my baking business, bake in bigger quantities, bake at least twice at events.
  • Run at least 20 the Running baker rounds. That's 1.7 rounds per month!
  • Come up with the formula for perfect loaf of bread - THE bread! That means optimizing my favourite recipes to find that perfect version of the-bread-you-want-everyday.
  • Blog at least one every week and share more recipes with my dear readers.
  • Have a new logo, bringing together the blog and the Running Baker in a better way.
  • Learn more about Swiss baking culture while living in Switzerland through courses or bakery practice.
  • If I find the right bakery setup in the right place, start a business and open my own bakery....
I hope you continue enjoying what I post and I hope more will join me on the blog and on instagram! 2015 will be a great year!


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