Running baker: classic sourdough levain and a fruity/nutty new bread

Published 2015-10-08 in My bakery, The running baker,

For tomorrow I am baking two types of bread - a classic and a newcomer! You can order the following:
  • 4 classic wheat sourdough levain breads. Goes well with almost everything - breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  • 3 new breads. A more compact, exclusive bread filled with aprictos, raisins and figs, as well as hazelnuts and walnuts. Slice it as thin as you can and enjoy it with (blue) cheese and some marmelade! 
Price: 7 francs per bread (incl. delivery)
Delivery time: Friday 9th October between 2 - 4 pm (I can leave it in your post box if you're not home) in the city of Basel. Engelberg evening delivery is also possible!
Make sure to get your bread/s by writing a comment to this post indicating which bread/s you want, when you want it and where you want it delivered. I will confirm your order.

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