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Flour, water, salt
For my The running baker customers I thought I'd publish a post on what my breads are made of. Except for lot's of passion and love for good bread that is...
I believe my bread turns out better if I love every ingredient in it. Therefore I strive to use organic and locally produced products, and ingredients I find during my travels.
Flour and grains: To the extent possible I use flour and grains from a mill outside of Basel - Mühle Maisprach. The grains are produced near to the mill, which has been run by the same family since the 17th century. The flour I use most (wheat, rye, and spelt flour) is from their organic line. Special flours (e.g. durum, emmer, kamut, and buckwheat flour) are not produced completely organically, but are IP-Suisse-certified, which encourages organic production and has pretty strict guidelines for production. I sometimes buy flour and grains from other places, and then always organic.
Seeds and nuts: I try to buy only organic seeds and nuts (sunflower seed, flax seed, sesame seed, chia seed, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds). I also tend to collect nuts from travels, and for example the times I use macadamia nuts they are always from South Africa, purchased during my travels to Africa.
Dried fruit: Apricots, raisins, plums, cranberries, and blueberries I buy organically to the extent possible, sometimes when not available I occationally buy non-organic. Dried mango I always buy during my travels to Africa.
Fresh fruit: in season I sometimes use plums, apples, and pears in my breads, and often I buy this fruit at the mill, or another local producer. If organic, even better!
Sugar, syrup, honey: I use only organic sugar. Syrup I always buy in Sweden, I haven't found a good alternative in Switzerland yet. Honey is something I tend to collect and I have various kinds at home from travels around the world, some of them organic.
Salt and spices: I use organic sea salt in my bread. Spices like caraway, anise, and cardamom I buy organic when I come across it, and often during travels.
Other ingredients: I always try to buy organic and locally produced ingredients for my bread, I however sometimes replace it with the best available alternative if I can't find what I am looking for.
If you have any questions about my ingredients - let me know!


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