The generousity of the bread community

Published 2014-11-16 in Baking, Entrepreneurship,

Haven't posted anything on the blog for long. Too long. It's been nagging in the back of my head, but somehow I have 't managed to find the time. In any case, I don't want to waste ink on writing about what I HAVEN'T done. Much better energy to write about what I HAVE done. 
This blog post was drafted on a full plane to Copenhagen. I have headed north to see dear family and friends and, which I am really excited about! What I am also extremely excited about is the fact that I will spend 3 days next week at Surdegskungen (= the Sourdough King!) in Kungälv on the west coast of Sweden. This will be my second apprenticeship in a bakery, and thinking how much I learnt last time, I am so eager to add to me baker skills and experience! Really, really looking forward to get covered in flour, have my arms aching from kneading doughs and be able to chat about bread all day long with the great guy who started Surdegskungen! Will post pictures on Instagram and on the blog. 
Before jumping on the flight I made a little excirsion outside of Basel, to meet the guy behind Joy of Gluten, a blog I recently discovered. I was happy to learn that this micro bakery is run just half an hour drive from where I live. I contacted the man behind the blog and took the chance to meet him on one of his baking days. He has set up a micro bakery in the basement of his house and bakes two days per week for his community. Inspiring!! He seemed to be a master in finding used bakery equipment for a tiny price, and gave me some good hints. Amongst other things he had a fantastic old Diosna dough mixer from the mid-60's with the L-shaped mixing arm you don't see so often on more modern mixers. Daniel referred to it as the one-armed bandit... Great to have found a fellow micro-baker in the area! 
Sitting on the plane, having visited a great micro baker in the morning, and soon meeting another great baker, I was contemplating a bit about the level of generousity in the bread community (if you can refer to all people being passionate about real bread like that...?). People are so extremely willing and happy to share. Share thoughts, recipes, experience, skills, flour, sourdough starters....what if we could have a bit more of that elsewhere as well? Wouldn't hurt, would it? (had Bob Marley singing in my earphones while writing that...could have something to do with the peace & love-twist the sentence took.... :)  
In any case, peace out, soon going down for landing! 


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