I have been looking forward to another round of The running baker!

Published 2014-12-03 in The running baker,

I have been out for a couple of weeks, kept away from my sourdough and my running shoes. But now The running baker is back with new inspiration and will be delivering bread on Friday 5th December! I bake and run (within the city of Basel), you pay and enjoy (note the new price below!). I will be baking:
  • 4 barley/spelt/wheat sourdough breads. I am on the hunt for the perfect loaf and learnt a lot during my 'internship' two weeks ago. This bread is definitely a step in the right direction...
  • 3 julmust sourdough breads. As we are approaching Christmas I added julmust and seasonal spices to this wheat sourdough bread - let the Christmas bells ring!
Price: 7 francs per bread*
Delivery time: Friday 5th December between 2 - 4 pm (I can leave it in your post box if you're not home)
Make sure to get your bread/s by writing a comment to this post indicating which bread/s you want, when you want it and where you want it delivered. I will confirm your order.
*Price is increased to match my costs for the ingredients, and my running shoes are getting old... :)


Posted by: Desiree

Published 2014-12-03 21:53:00

Hej Anna och tack för senast. Jag tar så gärna ett av varje så att jag klarar mig ett tag och vi på det sättet får njuta av ditt goda bröd fler helger.
1 barley och 1 julmust :-)

Svar: Hej Desiree! Kul att du vill beställa. Ett av varje är dina! PS. Notera det nya priset.

Posted by: Anneli

Published 2014-12-03 22:06:57

Låter gott:) vi testar gärna ett barley-bröd. Kommer gärna o hämtar det i Engelberg. Ses i helgen o tack för ikväll. Trevligt som alltid.

Svar: Hej! Ett barley/korn-bröd är ert! PS. Notera det nya priset. Ses i E-berg!

Posted by: Henrietta

Published 2014-12-04 09:24:11

Hej hej! Ett julmust bröd låter spännande! Tar gärna ett sådant. Stor kram henrietta

Svar: Tackar för beställning! Ett julmustbröd kommer till dig imorgon! PS. Notera: nytt pris.

Posted by: Anne

Published 2014-12-04 09:41:59

Hello Anna, do you still have one of each left ? I would love to order them !

Svar: Hi Anne! Thanks! One of each is yours! Note: new prices.

Posted by: Veronika

Published 2014-12-04 21:39:43

Hej Anna,

Finns det ett Barley-bröd kvar? I så fall tar vi gärna det. Jag lägger pengar i postfacket. Har du kvar vår adress?

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